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18:00 17-06-2017
Good Afternoon we would like to add names to Philip J. Guercio
We are the grandchildren how do we do this?
Thank you,
Anna Brynild
20:44 05-05-2017
Ik heb gekeken naar de documentaire:Het zijn maar Duitsers. Steeds werd er een liedje gespeeld, dat ik van vroeger kende. Maar ik kan de woorden van het lied niet meer bedenken. Zou u mij die woorden kunnen sturen? Een regel was volgens mij: ..einen andern kennst du nicht....
Hartelijk dank voor het meedenken.
03:41 27-02-2017
John(Jack) Fischer, was in D company 743 tank battalion. his tank was knocked out on nov 22 , 1944. He and his commander survived. Any one having knowledge of him or that day I would love to hear from you. thanks. John Fischer( Jack's son).
14:16 03-02-2017
Hoi Ben, wat een historie. Ik ga eerst alles lezen,misschien dat dan al wat vragen zijn opgelost. Stuur dan wel pb. Prachtige site.
14:13 03-02-2017
Hoi Ben, wat een historie. Ik ga eerst alles lezen,misschien dat dan al wat vragen zijn opgelost. Stuur dan wel pb. Prachtige site.
14:11 02-09-2016
Is this the Ben Savelkoul who was with me at the Pancratius school in Heerlen Holland in the forties?
If so, contact me. I still speak Dutch and English.
22:14 26-06-2016
I would like to use one of your pictures of North Africa American Cemetery to commemorate Technician Fourth Class William Tilton Eastlack who was lost in the HMS Rohna disaster of 26 Nov 1943. What should the copyright statement say? Thanks very much for your efforts.
19:44 01-06-2016
Son-in-law of then 743rd Captain Edward Miller of HQ&HQ Company. Ed retired from the Army in 1965 as an O6, full Colonel. Passed away June 8, 2004 and given under full military honors.
03:00 10-05-2016
My father Theodore C. Evangelista was in the B Company San Luis Obispo picture 1945. He was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant. God bless these heroes!
17:31 26-02-2016
I'm writing to ask permission to use the photo on your website of the 743rd Tank in South Limburg for a book on the men who died in WWII from Minnesota. Thank you for your consideration and for your wonderful website.
04:24 26-10-2015
Great website. Thank you for your contributions here and elsewhere.
I'll be back in the Netherlands next spring. I hope we get a chance to meet. Lets chat soon, I could use your help/advice. Thanks again.
19:48 20-10-2015
Earlier this year, July 2015, I visited Margraten, after having visited the American cemetery at Neupré and Henri-Chapelle (both Belgium). All three incredibly moving places to visit. Realising that we live in freedom, because all these men (and women!) gave their life for our freedom, is the more strong when seeing all those graves.
Thank you for the website: a job well done! Heel mooi werk, webmaster.
We will remember them. They earned it.
02:55 27-09-2015
I found a bracelet & some pins in my uncle's belongings after he died. The bracelet had the name George F Dieser 01011842. I searched online and found out he was in the 743rd battalion and the pins I have are the Coat of Arms for the battalion. I don't know why my uncle had these, but I thought the family might want his bracelet. My uncle was the 1st person to receive every maritime license available. I have a newspaper article with his picture and story on it, but I do not believe he was ever in this battalion.
16:42 06-09-2015
Nous parrainons des tombes de G.I. à Henri-Chapelle, et, participons aux cérémonies du souvenir.
16:01 01-06-2015
Alleen al de witte linten om de bomen op de n278 maken op mij een grote indruk..& hoe meer je erin verdiept hoe stiller je wordt.

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