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04:26 31-08-2012
Hello Ben
My wifes grandfather recently passed (8-14-12) And I beleive he may have been with the 743rd pre D-Day thru Aachen where he lost his left leg to artillery. His rank/name is 1rst Lt Arthur J Larson from Chicago. If you have any info on him I would love to know about it. thank you for your service, your sacrifices and this gift of a website sincerely EW2 G L Shimp USN (ret)
04:25 15-08-2012
Hi. My grandfather was in the 605tdb. I run the website.
I found your page after searching a name of one of the 605 members Dayton Edie. He passed away in Jan but I met his wife Marta recently. Great lady.
Just checking in as it's my first time to your site, I'll continue looking in the future.
22:59 05-08-2012
My mothers brother was Wilfred Mombourquette of Co. B 643rd TD.
I have a picture of him , in uniform,I would like to get to you to include next to his name. The larger picture of him has the Co B insignia on the collar brass, and I have it in his medals display. I tried to spot him on the Co B group photo, however it was too grainy to make him out completely, I narrowed down four possibilities, but without a clearer picture this is not possibleo I get his photo to you?
Respectfully Jim Meagher
22:22 23-07-2012
My grandfather was in the 643rd and was a prisoner of war. His name was Alexander Sosenko. I can't find his name on any of the listings. Just wondering if you knew of him?
09:50 03-07-2012
hallo Ben
Ik vind het een prachtige site,ik ben al een poos op zoek naar een foto van pfc Thomas Ryan, gesneuveld in Barbi 12 april 1945, samen met degene van jouw geadopteerde graf. Hoe ik ook zoek ik kan hem niet vinden, zou jij me nog kunnen helpen svp?
graag zie ik een reactie van je
met vriendelijke groet
Gerard Heijnen, Rheden ( bij Arnhem)
03:20 21-06-2012
my cousin was Wilbur R Ward who was with the 743rd
he was wounded on july 29th and passed on the 30th.
he was buried at Blosville and then transferred to Arlington.
i am trying to find out where he was and his assignment on the 29th
thank you for maintaining this web site ... very informative
18:56 19-06-2012
Lawrence Killion was father's 1st cousin. He is buried in Fairview Cemetary in Pennsylvania. My father was in the anti aircraft in N.Africa and infantry in Sicily and Italy. He actually conected with Lawrence somewhere in Europe.Since my dad is gone, I can't ask him where.Lawrence gave my dad a down sleeping bag to use in the mountains of Italy.
03:21 16-06-2012
Thank you for creating this beautiful tribute for all our heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice. Anthony J. De Foster was my grandfather; thank you for honoring his memory.

Nancy De Foster
17:27 05-06-2012
Hallo Ben.

Mijn complimenten voor je goed verzorgde site!

Ik heb het graf gedopteerd van Walter B. Harper uit 30th Infantry Division, 117th Infantry Regiment.
Kun jij mij verder helpen aan gegevens over dit regiment ?

Bedankt en groetjes,

07:45 30-05-2012
1Lt Leonard J. Mimoni was my dad. Thanks for keeping the memory alive.
05:44 27-05-2012
Amy Ropple
Thank you for honoring my uncle's memory so beautifully. My dad loved him so much.
21:51 06-05-2012
My father served in the 743rd PETER MARK
09:51 06-04-2012
I think this is best post I've ever read .. amazing wonderful
18:00 01-03-2012
my dad, john t. miller drove a tank in hq company. i have his book of their activities.
14:36 23-02-2012
Hallo Ben,
Leuke foto van Kevin&Kevin, ik sta er zelf ook nog op, achter het hek. Ze interviewen Lilly Kunz (90 jaar), voor de eerste maal op bezoek bij het graf van haar man, Louis Kunz.
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