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11:32 05-07-2020
Thank you for your research and information. Heerlen is my fathers hometown - he was 16 when the German Army came through and occupied them. He emigrated to Australia in 1950.
03:46 28-06-2020
I had never seen a photo of my grandfather in the service before I found this website. Thank you so much. If anyone has more info on 643 Company B, I would appreciate it. Robert Torok.
10:34 07-06-2020
Hallo BenSavelkoul,
Graag even contact ivm gebruik foto's en navraag.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Pascalle Hamers
22:20 25-05-2020
My dad was SSgt. William “Buddy” Locker. I’m the first of his five sons. Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this.
21:06 25-05-2020
Thank you for your part in "KEEPING THE FAITH".
20:49 28-04-2020
I was born and raised in Heerlen, Holland. I emigrated in 1958 to the USA and I loved my new Country.
America has been good to me.
God bless America.
Tot ziens!
15:42 21-03-2020
My father, Sgt. Waldo P. Wennerberg served in Company A of the 743rd TB. This page has great information about when they reached the South-Limburg area of Holland. I am attempting to put together a video/photo documentary for his grandchildren and beyond to post on the web. Can I have permission for your information and photos? I will give you credit for this portion of the 743rd's journey in history. Thank you.
14:46 26-02-2020
Looking for information on retired Maj. Walter A Reynolds 643.T.D
21:36 14-01-2020
My Grandfather served in the 743 Tank division D Company
Looking for reading material on his service in as WW ll
18:42 01-01-2020
my great grandfather SGT. Cecil Leon Davis served in C co. of the 743rd. he never spoke of the war so i greatly appreciate all the information on this page.
00:33 16-09-2019
Thank you for this wonderful website...Emigrated to the USA in 1958. Never regretted it. I am from Heerlen. Age 87 in 2019....
15:50 09-07-2019
Please contact me.
14:22 21-06-2019
La 643 ième TD était en bivouac à Noiseux (Belgique) durant la nuit du 23 au 24 décembre 1944. Anthony Kasprzak était parmi eux.
Qui peut me donner des témoignages sur leurs séjours à Noiseux ( parfois écrit erronément Noiseaux.)
02:47 20-05-2019
Thanks for creating the site. My Grandfather was a fuel truck driver with the 743rd tank battalion. His name was Einar Sorensen, he lived until the ripe old age of 96 and sadly passed some eight years ago. He was originally from Nykobing Mors in Denmark and immigrated when he was eighteen and settled in St. Edwards, Nebraska. I remember him telling the story of fighting so close to where he was born and wanted to visit but was never able to during the war. I will always miss him but was and still am proud of his service!
16:42 18-05-2019
Thanks for this, it’s wonderful. My Grandfather was Sgt. Leo F. Roche (Recon/HQ). I’m able to share this valuable history with my teenage son Andrew Leo so it’s never forgotten.
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