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15:32 19-10-2014
Dear Ben,
Your website requests that we contact you should we wish to use copyrighted material. What are your contact details? I couldn't seem to find them on the site.
21:08 10-10-2014
My Dad was in "A" co./743rd TB. A friend and I are working on a book about the 743rd. My Dad/his Uncle n same platoon. Any assitance..such as photos would be appreciated. look forward to hearing from you. WE KEEP THE FAITH
05:52 02-10-2014
Hi I was wondering if anyone had any information about my great grandfather Cliffton Charles Barker Tech Sgt. 743 tank BN World War II BSM. I know he received a Purple Heart and a bronze star medal during the war. My grandmother said he came home a very changed man and died in 1949. But I don't know much else. If anyone has information about him or pictures of him or the 743rd please e-mail me. Thank you.
10:44 19-08-2014
Ben, Wat een document, voor de eeuwigheid. RESPEKT !
09:27 03-08-2014
Dag Ben,
Belangrijk werk voor onze bevrijdingsgeschiedenis.
Mijn complimenten!
21:57 21-07-2014
Hi Ben, I recently received a link about my dad from your page. I read that our photograph of my dad and documents about his service are copyright. I own the original copy sent to my dad and never gave anyone permission to copyright our photos or documents. Many of us know my dad's syory and it belongs to our family. The original documents were passed down to me from my parents. Also, it is essencial to ask all family members before publishing family names while people are alive and without permision of each individual. Please be sure to answer my email as it is included above. Thank you.
03:49 02-07-2014
My Dad Samuel L. Warren served in he headquarters company as a tank driver from the activation of the 743 till the end of the war in Germany. Dad would never talk much about his war expiriences and after reading Move out Verify I too find myself looking for answers. I know his ribbons are missing quite a few decorations and Im looking to see the awards and dec's the unit received. I know Dad had five or six battle stars and two purple hearts. thanks for your site
09:05 14-06-2014
Hi Ben,

I got the opportunity in 2012 to go to Europe, for the first time, with a buddy. I told him if we got got the chance I would love to go to the military cemetery at Omaha Beach to visit my Uncle's grave. We toured 5 countries, but the highlight of the trip was absolutely to the cemetery! This week I found some old documents and photos my grandmother had and through them learned that he was in "C" company, of the 743rd. He was wounded on 7July44, and passed the following day. He is buried in Plot J, Row 9, Grave 25. Sgt. Ernest L. Nichols, ASN 37 259 408. He was from England, Arkansas. Suddenly it seems I am starved to know more, as he was never married and had no kids....I feel he needs to be remembered.
11:48 01-06-2014
Dennis Smith
My father, Clarenc Smith from Bode, Iowa proudly served with thec743rd, and earned a Purple Heart. RIP dad.
18:53 19-04-2014
Dear Mr. Savelkoul,
Thank you for your website. My uncle Teddy Guss was in the 643rd and killed on March 2 1945 in Germany and I appreciate your putting these facts on record where they are easily obtainable. I still remember when the telegram arrived and I saw my father cry - I was seven years old at the time. i didn't take him that he'd been killed and thought he was missing in action. For years I dreamed of finding him lost, amnesiac, in the subway. It was the most terrible event in my life and I never completely recovered from it. It darkened my childhood. My son is a fine arts photographer and his work deals with loss and grief - one of his photos is his update of an Unknown Soldier. My cousin Marlene is in touch with you and told me about this website. She will forward this information to my son David Birkin. His paternal grandfather was also a war hero who made nightly trips by sea to rescue the British from France. On one of his trips he rescued Prime Minister Mitterand for which not long ago he received the crois de guerre.
19:45 28-03-2014
Dear Mr. Savelkoul,
After watching the Band of Brothers series, I became interested in knowing more about my dad's role in the army. I found a pass from San Lubispo CA which identified this as his battalion. I was thrilled to see his picture on this website. Shall I send you any of his photos?
Thanks you so very much for the job you have done.
May God Bless You,
Felicia Montineri,daughter of Tec4 Paul Montineri
12:44 22-03-2014

Dear Mr. Savelkoul,
Thank you so much for the information you show on your website. My uncle, Theodore "Teddy"Guss, was killed in the war and seeing pictures of him, his company and learning about their mission has been a comfort to me and my family.
I do hope that you continue your research and continue to update your website, which I visit regularly.

Kindest regards,
Marlene Cloës
22:30 13-01-2014
beste ben
Ik heb deze site van jou al zolang onder mijn favorieten staan dat het eens tijd word om je te bedanken voor deze fantastische site.Ik heb al deze mooie verhalen van je site gelezen en ben er zeer van onder de indruk. Als je er bij stil staat wat deze jongens allemaal voor een prijs betaald hebben voor onze vrijheid , dat roert me nog steeds als ik de site bezoek.
nogmaals bedankt.
Jeu Smeets
16:58 13-11-2013
My uncle, Paul J. Dooley served with the 743rd Tank Destroyer Battalion in WWII. I used to read his copy of "Move Out Verify" and it had his picture in it. How can I get a copy of that book?
14:13 11-11-2013
I'm looking for anyone who knew my dad Lt John D Hess He was a transportation with 743rd. I would like to talk to anyone who knew him . Also any photos of him. Thanks
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