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03:56 06-08-2013
Great site! My grandfather, Aulton Joe Schubert, was in the 743rd Tank Battalion, C Company. He was WIA on 11 October. I came here to find information on his service.
11:35 01-08-2013
Greetings Ben.

My Dad served with the 82nd Airborne, was killed in Bleckede, Germany on April 30, 1943, and is buried at Margraten. His grave has been adopted by Guy and Hannecke Kreemers, whom I have met.

Thank you for your web site.

Kind regards,

13:37 23-06-2013
Hallo Ben,
Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn gastenboek!
Mijn complimenten voor je site ik had hem al vaker bezocht met name je stuk over Pfc Knott was natuurlijk voor mij interessant. Ik zal je site ook linken op mijn website.
Kind regards,

Werner van Osch
16:30 22-06-2013
Hoi Ben,

ook ik heb dankzij pap twee graven gadopteerd. Als ik jouw site bekijk heb ik nog heel wat te leren en uit te zoeken. Ik heb er in ieder geval op mijn site al een paar pagina's aan gewijd. Erg leuk om te proberen zoveel mogelijk info te vinden!!!
Complimenten over de inhoud hier, waanzinnig hoeveel info je in al die jaren vergaard hebt. Ik ben altijd in voor tips!!!
Ik heb je link ook geplaatst, deze site is het meer dan waard!!!

Grtz Serena
22:34 19-06-2013
My father, Henry A. Rohrer was a SSgt. in the 643rd.
23:35 05-06-2013
I really like this website. I visit often to get updates and learn new things about the military and veterans. I have come across many other great websites that are very informative. One website is U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs ( On this website I frequently learn about the latest money available to veterans, benefits for veterans and their families, where to get discounts for veterans, and I get free things from their veteran giveaway program.
Keep up the good work. I will pass the word about your website and I will visit again. Thanks!
06:24 27-05-2013
My Grandpa, Ardie (Red) Williamson was a Tech 4 Sgt with the 743rd Tank Battalion. He used to tell me stories of having to crawl in the dark on his belly to go up on the front line to work on tanks...thanks for this site!
21:58 18-05-2013
Wir werden eure Opfer nie vergessen.
03:54 08-05-2013
My grandfather was a tank driver in the 743rd, Howard Froberg. He hosted many reunions for the battalion at his campground in Lindstrom Minnesota. I enjoy reading more about the 743.
19:07 28-04-2013
My father Sgt Ray William ("Bill" Howell was assigned to the 743rd Tank Battalion as a Tank Commander.
17:13 27-04-2013
awesome website i love you for putting this out there
22:45 24-03-2013
My grandmother (M. Esther Lucas Hamilton) was the sister of PFC Robert C. Lucas. I think it is wonderful all the hard work you've done on this site . Thank you so much!
19:58 19-03-2013
My father was Capt. Robert S. Derby. HQ company, 743 tank battalion. He was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart with Oak Leave Clusters. Went from D-Day through and past the Elbe River. I would love to talk to some of the relatives of the men in the battalion.

I just found his copy of Move Out Verify and have all 4 of the maps they made in Germany after the war.

I also have photographs of the entire battalion with names written on the back of it. If there is a place to upload this photo, I would be happy to do that or send it via email.


18:26 22-02-2013
Hello Ben,
In my high school we have a class where we make documentaries for world war two veterans. In part of my documentary my veteran mentions General Rose and I was wondering if I could have permission to use some of the pictures on your website.

Thanks for your time.
03:25 22-02-2013
My Dad, Floyd J. Esche was in the 643rd. I have some pictures if you're interested.
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