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07:45 30-05-2012
1Lt Leonard J. Mimoni was my dad. Thanks for keeping the memory alive.
05:44 27-05-2012
Amy Ropple
Thank you for honoring my uncle's memory so beautifully. My dad loved him so much.
21:51 06-05-2012
My father served in the 743rd PETER MARK
09:51 06-04-2012
I think this is best post I've ever read .. amazing wonderful
18:00 01-03-2012
my dad, john t. miller drove a tank in hq company. i have his book of their activities.
14:36 23-02-2012
Hallo Ben,
Leuke foto van Kevin&Kevin, ik sta er zelf ook nog op, achter het hek. Ze interviewen Lilly Kunz (90 jaar), voor de eerste maal op bezoek bij het graf van haar man, Louis Kunz.
19:52 14-02-2012
I was wondering if anyone has photos or knew my Dad 2LT John D Hess. He wrote "Move Out Verify" He was a writer by trade. Thanks
12:01 12-02-2012
Hello Ben,thank you for all your work and interested research. Can you send me the mail adress of Peter Schrijvers,I want order some books of him. Keep up your good work.

kind regards, Jaap Vermeer MDE
08:47 17-01-2012
Thank you the 743rd tank Battalion
06:12 09-01-2012
I have been searching the net for any info of my uncle who died during ww2, all my mom told me was he was killed in a movie house in antwerp belgium by a buzz bomb. then i came across your tour page of henri chapelle, WoW, you had a photo of his head stone,THANK YOU SO MUCH. His name was John j. Murray S 1st Class USNR he served on the s.s. Harold I. Pratt a liberty ship he was only 18 when he died in the Rex theater and had his mom lie and sign papers saying he was older so he could join up. thank you.
07:25 25-12-2011
02:40 04-12-2011
My deceased father-in-law was Capt. Edward Miller of HQ and HQ Company. Since he and I were both Army veterans, he used to share some of his first hand experiences in the 743d with me. He retired as a full Colonel in 1965. I was lucky to meet his best friend from the ol' 743d, Capt. Bob Speers, the Battalion S-2. Together they told some incredible stories.
23:55 14-11-2011
Does anyone remember Amby Stedl, Killed in Aug of 44 ay St LO. Thanks,Bill
Co B 743th tank bn
01:37 07-11-2011
My dad Angelo F. Giunti was in the 643rd Tank Destroyer Battalion
21:29 29-10-2011
Domingos Frutuozo is still alive and well at 92. We have his interview from a local paper and photos if you'd like.
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