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21:40 06-08-2011
Is there anyone who can assist my family with information about the murder of Lloyd W. Knapp by Roy A. Prentiss on 6 April, 1943 at Camp Hood Texas? They both might have been members of the 643rd. Lloyd definately was. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank You.
George E. Murphy
21:48 23-07-2011
Bedankt voor het berichtje in mijn gastenboek! Als je toch daar in de buurt bent breng dan een bezoekje aan Fort La Ferté . Fort La Ferté is een onderdeel van de Maginot, er is tijden de WW2 heftig gevochten. Je kan de info in mijn laatste reisverslag vinden. Veel plezier!!! Ik ga jou website nu eens rustig bekijken. Groet Ronald
02:52 08-07-2011
My uncle Wilson Klumpp served with 743rd Tank battalionfrom DD+2 or 3.He was a technical sergeant.I would welcome any information. Thanks for honoring our Heroes!
03:33 04-07-2011
My father was in the 743rd tank division. He entered the service on September 4, 1943. He died when I was 2 so I don't know much about his time in the service. I do have a picture of him next to his tank after the Roer river crossing. His name is Hubert H Pennington. If anyone knew him or heard of him in the service I would appreciate any information.
13:29 27-06-2011
I am the daughter-in-law of Joseph Kowalski. I thank you for creating this wonderful tribute to our heros.
21:28 09-06-2011
My brother, 1st Lt. Donald Floyd Turner, was a platoon leader with Company B of the 743rd on Omaha beach and was one of two officers of Company B KIA on the beach that day. Our family has never learned much about his exerience other than to suspect he may have endured most of the day as the one fragment of information is that he was killed when he rose high in his turret in order to motion his platoon (or perhaps the entire unit, as he could have taken command when the Company B captain was killied) to move out off the beach after the way had been opened by demolition crews.
04:06 31-05-2011
Son of T/Sgt. Joseph J. Petrocy of 743rd T.B....Story about declining ride with gasoline truck after landing....gas truck took direct hit from enemy shelling about a mile down the beach. Interested in any info about fellow soldiers/kin with additional material.
Go Army
10:46 28-05-2011
Complimenten hoor, een mooie site met veel informatie.
Indrukwekkend allemaal met veel mooie foto's
Ga zo door met je site
01:03 17-05-2011
My uncle, John S. DuQuoin, served as a staff sergeant in Company A of the 743rd.
13:41 16-05-2011
My grandfather, Francis Cunningham, served with the 643rd. I only found this out from your website while I was searching for the Crest "
hit hard". to my surprise he is listed on the roster of soldiers. his army records were destroyed at the national archives so I am thankful for this web site. If anyone knew my granfather and has any photos I would love to see.
17:46 25-04-2011
Nice site, Ben. My dad was with the 743rd Tank Battalion. My wife and I recently were in Amsterdam, later rented a car and drove around Belgium, Aachen, St. Vith, and into Luxembourg. Beautiful country. One writer below says to also remember the German soldiers, and we stopped at both the American and German cemeteries in Luxemourg City. The German stones had dates of birth on them, as well as dates of death (the American cemetery has only dates of death), and seeing the ages - 18 year old boys - is heartbreaking.
01:47 22-04-2011

Thank you so much for the work you have put into the website. You have done a wonderful job and should be very proud.

My father, Marion E. Cooper (#32485579) was a Staff Sargent in the 643rd TD. Dad is still alive at 88 years old and doing fine. I have a picture of him in dress uniform and a copy of his enlisted record and discharge, which I would be happy to send you. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you.

Gary R. Cooper
Stoneham, MA
16:21 30-03-2011
Goede middag, beste Ben, ik wilje complimenteren met je prachtige site!
Sinds enige jaren het ik het graf geadopteerd van Boleslaw Korana. Via jouw site heb ik meer info gekregen over het wel en wee van het 643 TB BN. Ik krijg steeds meer interesse en zou graag meer willen weten van deze soldaat. Heb jij tips of meer informatie voor mij? Mvg
09:44 27-03-2011
Hallo ben,

mooie site heb je gemaakt! Met mooie informatie erbij, mooi beeldmateriaal. Het blijft toch allemaal indrukwekkend. Ikzelf ben ook een WW.II fan en ga zelf ook veel plaatsen af waar veel gevochten is zoals hurtgenwald, eifel, ardennen. en blijft toch vaak indrukwekkend als je al die foxholes en loop graven ziet. Ook de bunkers en ook vaak nog de spullen die ik vind met mijn metaaldetector. Zelf kom ik uit landgraaf en ga vaak naar Rimburg toe waar ook zwaar gevochten is en veel soldaten zijn gestorven. Ga zo door met je site. Groeten gerard
20:02 19-03-2011
My dad, Anthony J Kasprzak, Tec 4. Served with 643.
Berichten: 106 t/m 120 van de 200.
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